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Sean Higashida

Japanese culture and cuisine

Japanese cuisine - Kaiseki - is known for its emphasis on quality ingredients transformed into clean flavors and artful presentations using nimble skill and precise techniques. For our Cultural Cuisines cooking series, Buford Highway Farmers Market is delighted to introduce Kaiseki cuisine presented by Chef Sean Higashida.

Chef Higashida comes to our cooking classes boasting a vast culinary resume. He lived in France for five years, expanding his culinary skills and blending his native Japanese training with French culinary techniques. Southeast Asian cuisine often found its way onto the menu in his former restaurant Emiko’s in Norcross. New Orleans also inspires many original dishes from Sean that incorporate Eastern and Western flavors.

Presenting high cuisine from Japan, a country where there are more Michelin Five Star restaurants than any other, Chef Sean promises his cuisine does not have to be complicated. Lesson emphasize cultural insights in the way Japanese enjoy eating and how history has influenced present day offerings. Nutrition is a major force in the diet of this super healthy nation and Chef Higashida tutors classes in the philosophy deeply imbedded in their everyday life.

We invite you to come join us, and discover a beautiful cuisine and explore its rich culture with Chef Higashida as your guide.