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Thai Cuisine with real Thai ingredients and a born and raised Thai Chef. Thai foods, simple yet fully flavored with fresh produce and products as actually used in Thailand and an instructor with Thai Cuisine in her soul.Sunisa Somnuek a Personal Chef, food blogger and cooking instructor was born and raised in Bangkok. Growing up Sunisa was surrounded by family who loved to cook and was active in her mom’s catering business where she learned to craft exceptional Thai food favorites. Sunisa grew and early on managed success in education and business, all the while, passionately traveling, seeing the world and always exploring different cuisines.Settling in Atlanta life became happy wife and mother. Yet she yearned for the foods of her lovely homelands. For Sunisa cooking Thai in Atlanta was full of challenges as native Thai ingredients are not often found in your neighborhood grocery. Upon discovering the Buford Highway Farmers Market and its solid selection of authentic Thai ingredients Sunisa found her culinary center and brought her beloved Thai cooking to her new Atlanta home.To the delight of friends and family Sunisa is cooking authentic Thai for all to enjoy. And now, armed with her family’s recipes and her True Thai Culinary soul, her passion has blossomed into cooking classes and a delightful blog, “Modern Thai Food” ( Today she enjoys many loyal followers as she reveals the mysteries of authentic Thai Cuisine.  Come and join Thai Chef Sunisa Somnuek soon and share her joy for Thai cooking here at Buford Highway Farmer Market