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SarahKate Abercrombie

Global Cuisine/ Australian/ Southern

SarahKate Abercrombie, a native of Gainesville, Georgia, has been living and working in Sydney, Australia for eight years. She has always been a keen home cook who loves to create meals for friends and family, but a few years ago she decided to do more with her talents.  This is how her restaurant Mi Casa-Su Casa, Sydney's only in-home underground restaurant, was born.    Mi Casa-Su Casa was a resounding success and SarahKate documented the process of opening and running her restaurant in a lovely blog,   Chef SarahKate has trained at cooking schools around the world, including in Thailand, Argentina, Japan and at a Michelin-starred restaurant in England. Yet, at Mi Casa-Su Casa, she stuck close to her culinary roots and treated Aussie diners to classic American fare and celebrations. SarahKate says Mi Casa-Su Casa was “A table full of adventurous eaters, strangers becoming friends, sharing the food of our far-away home…”   Now, this lively Southern girl has lived long enough in the Land Down Under that her cooking has taken on the flavours of her new home. Chef Abercrombie says Australian food is a fascinating mix of the cuisines of the European settlers who arrived there in the 1800's (Greek, Italian, and Irish) and the incredible Asian influences of today.  A delicious and modern way to eat!   As you might guess, when this Georgia raised home chef returns Stateside she makes a beeline for Buford Highway Farmers Market. She'll be showcasing some classic Australian recipes and treats with us in our cooking classes. Look for her and join us. (To stay up to date with all our BHFM events SIGN UP HERE)