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Russian Folk Music this Saturday
Atlanta Balalaika Society

We have a special treat for you when you shop this Saturday December 31. A select troupe of very talented musicians from the Atlanta Balalaika Society will perform from 2 pm to 4 pm in our Eastern European Section. This an open event, no registration or fees, just come on by and enjoy one  of Atlanta's cultural treasures. This local group started in 1981 with a mission as a true Russian folk orchestra, which has late nineteenth century roots. Its music combines traditional Russian folk with sophisticated styles of European salons. Merging of these two genres led to the creation of musical ensembles that would be accepted by elites, while at the same time retaining the popular appeal of Eastern European peasant culture.The signature instruments of Russian folk music are the balalaika, which has three strings and a triangular body, the domra, which too has three strings but a round back, and the bayan, a kind of Russian accordion. The two types of string instruments come in several sizes to provide a full range of sound.Click on this You Tube of their performance here a few years back.