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Krishna Chapatwala

Turkish and Mexican cuisines

 Chef Krishna Chapatwala’s culinary life was deeply influenced growing up in India and the US in her family’s kitchens. While Indian food was the main fare there were many meals from around the world and young Krishna’s love for all foods grew. Toiling in the 9-5 world with a business degree and successful career underway Krishna diverged and followed her passion. She enrolled in Cincinnati State’s Midwest Culinary Institute. Upon graduating with a Culinary Arts Certificate, she realized her dream and opened “local Green Eats”. At “local Green Eats” Chef Krishna operates as a caterer, personal chef, recipe tester and for our good fortune a cooking instructor. Keep your eye out for Krishna and pick your next class from a global menu of Thai, Indian, Turkish and Mexican cuisines. “Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy, Eat Well” with local Green Eats