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Tim Dondero

International Cuisine

Tim Dondero - at his day job - is an international medical researcher with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He is also an enthusiastic chef who, while working in research, lived as well as cooked for nearly eight years in Southeast Asia, for nearly three years in Africa, and traveled extensively in his work. Chef Tim makes the most of his spare time serving as Executive Chef and caterer at Donderos’ Kitchen, a family-run international café, market and catering service in Athens, Georgia. Dondero’s Kitchen boasts a new Dondero developed menu, featuring a new ethnic cuisine, weekly, no small task.

Chef Dondero fills his lessons with delightful anecdotes about the culinary and cultural history of the cuisines he presents. His instruction is thorough and detailed revealing the special cooking techniques which are essential to great results. Authentic ethnic ingredients are part of the deal and Chef Dondero is often in Buford Highway Farmers Market searching deep into our aisles for ingredients to keep his recipes, for classes and his restaurant, as pure to their ethnic origins as possible.

Serving as guest chef at the Istanbul Cafe and at Cafe 458 in Atlanta, teaching international cooking at Evening at Emory in Atlanta for ten years, and at The Rolling Pin in Athens for seven years, Chef Dondero’s focus is exciting international food that is as authentic as is possible.

Please visit his blog, and enjoy Chef Tim’s insightful postings. You will also find his every-other-week food column in the Living Section of the Athens Banner-Herald. See for more of Chef Tim Dondero’s writing.