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Jay Stogner

Healthy Mediterrenean

Jay is a former caterer and has taught private cooking classes for over 9 years. She shares all that experience in her classes ñ youíll learn all the shortcuts, tips and tricks that make cooking quick and easy. Most classes feature Healthy Mediterranean dishes from Italy, Greece, Spain and France, and as such the recipes are low in saturated fat, rich in whole grains, healthy oils, and packed with all fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables the market has to offer.

Jay believes that the recipes she shares should be easy to follow, ingredients easy to find and the finished dish as flavorful and healthy as possible.
Conscious of the sodium content she will teach you to use citrus, vinegar and wine reductions to boost the flavor of the dish without a lot of salt.
ìMediterranean cuisine is naturally healthy; we use the freshest ingredients in the simplest ways to create beautiful and tasty food for your family to enjoyî. Youíll also come away with lots of information on ingredients and cooking techniques and the results will impress your family and friends.