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Family owned and operated since 1984

Unique Flavors

Russian Heritage


Margot Alfie

Middle Eastern & Mexican Fusion

Chef Margot’s grandparents immigrated to Mexico from Syria at the beginning of the 1900s. Her family is part of the first Mexican-born Jewish Syrian generation and she is of the second! She was born in Mexico City where a community of Jewish Syrian descendants thrives to this day.

Growing up in a Middle Eastern Mexican home cultivated a very unique culinary taste. Sometimes she enjoyed Syrian meals, sometimes Mexican and of course occasionally an absolutely delicious fusion of the two! Moving to the States in 1990 and raising a family here has expanded her culinary horizons even more.

Chef Alfie has a zeal for foods and cooking. Cooking, she confesses, fulfills her the same way her other passion, oil painting, does. She enjoys new flavors and recipes and is thrilled to share fresh discoveries from Mexico, Syria and Israel (where she visits often).

Chef Alfie’s frenzied enthusiasm spills forth in her cooking presentations. Charming exposés of the culture of faraway lands are interspersed with detailed descriptions of their cuisines. And while the foods are exotic, Margot breaks them down to simple dishes you will rush home to make.

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